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Antietem National Battlefield 

Ranger Climate Communication Toolkits

Ranger Toolkits are a great resource to help park rangers become more confident in talking to visitors about climate change. Important parts of a Ranger Toolkit include brief explanations of climate change and its impacts, pro-climate actions that rangers can tell visitors to take, and a list of frequently asked questions so that rangers have the answers at the ready during visitor interactions. 


2021 General NPS Ranger Toolkit

This Ranger Toolkit combines elements from previously developed toolkits and describes climate impacts throughout the United States. It is a resource for park rangers around the US to grow their climate change communication skills and confidence. 

This Ranger Toolkit was developed specifically for Kenilworth Aquatic Park and Gardens and contains detailed information on the ways climate change is impacting and will impact this park.

This guide helps rangers learn to create a safe sharing and learning environment for park visitors curious about climate change and its impacts, with a focus on Monocacy National Battlefield. 

This toolkit contains information on climate change impacts specific to Antietam National Battlefield, and provides rangers with guidance on how to communicate about these impacts to a variety of different audiences. 

These documents contain stories about how various monuments in the National Mall area are affected by Earth's changing climate. 

This toolkit contains information on how to discuss community health and climate change, with a focus on the Manassas National Battlefield area. 

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